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Professional Water Heater Repair & Installation

Living without water heater for a day will make you realize, how important water heaters are for your daily life. Anyone who has taken a bath with cold water at the cold winter season know this very well.

Now you should leave the work of repairing water heaters or replacing them for the professionals like us at the Luke Plumbing Northridge. But you should choose your heater properly at the first place.

Different types of water heaters in the market.

  • The conventional storage tanks are the most common types of water heaters out there. These heaters contain insulated tanks where the water is heated and stored until it’s needed. These neutral gas water heaters come at lower prices than the electric heaters but it’s more difficult to install. Moreover, you have to clean it at least twice a year. These heaters last 10 to 12 years and if it lasts more than 12 years, it’ll be considered as good fortune.
  • The Heat Pump water heaters soak heat from the air or the ground and use that heat to hear water. This will cost a little more than the electric heaters, but you will get the returns on your electric bills. These heaters don’t work on cold places. And as the heat pump is on top, a hybrid unit may be needed with at least a 7 ft ground clearance between the floor and the ceiling.
  • The Solar heater is another form of heater that use the sun’s heat to transfer it in an antifreeze fluid in a closed loop that runs the water tank and heat the water up. These heaters and the relevant gears are costly to buy and install and can mean waiting 10 to 30 years to recover investment. Although solar panels and equipment are becoming less costly now.

Well water heaters are one of the most important appliances in your home. When you’re on vacations, you use the heater every day. So, like other appliances there are chances that your heater can get damaged for some reasons. Well we, the Luke Plumbing Northridge are here for your heater related problems.

There can be problems. For instance, if you see your heater is leaking, this could be many things. Maybe the cold inlet and hot outlet pipes are loose. Maybe the T&P valve is not working properly, or the inlet valve is leaking. Now all these problems can be easily fixed with our experts here. Or maybe your heater is leaking from the bottom is because of normal condensation. Maybe a leaking gasket of cold element or an overflow of pipes.

Water heaters get heated by two heating elements. Now the reason behind No hot water is maybe hiding behind the circuit breaker box. If that is not the case, then maybe the heating element needs replacement. Our experts are well trained, and they are always ready to deal with this kind of situations easily.

If the water is too hot it’s more likely your thermostat’s temperature is set on a higher degree. Check your thermostat and lower the temperature as your needs. If you think the temperature is still too much for you, you may need to replace your thermostat. And we do that here with absolute ease.

There are more problems like the heater is making strange noises of knocking, hissing, banging or popping or the water is hot but rusty and dirty in color. A leak, too much pressure or noisy pipes can make such noises in the heater. Or if the water is rusty it’s most likely for the corrosion of the anode rod or that of the heater. Replacing the anode rod or repair the corrosion of the heater before it causes any leak is important. Dirty water may mean that the scale element making there way into the hot water outlets.

Contact Luke Plumbing Northridge and we will be at your doorstep irrespective of the time. We are experts in water heater services at Luke Plumbing in Northridge and only a call away from you. So with our expert plumbers we can fix any kind of water heater problems so that you can get ready on time for your office or work.